General Anxiety Disorder - Panic Attacks - Generalized Depression

About Us

General Anxiety Disorder is an Irish based site that was developed to assist others with Anxiety and Depression.

After suffering with anxiety for many years I have collected and continue to collect information from books, the internet and professionals about living with Anxiety, along with therapies and supplements that I have found helpful during my journey. I decided after helping so many friends with this material that it would beneficial to share hence the webpage.

People do not appreciate how serious anxiety can be unless they have experienced it themselves. It can be so debilitating and with a helpless fear that doesnt seem to go away, but dont worry because you are not alone and there is a solution.

Statistics state that 2/3 people will suffer with this at one time or other in their lives.

Unfortunately for me when I developed the condition there was a serious lack of precise information to be found, and I found myself spending months trying to find what was wrong. If only I had been so lucky to stumble onto this source of information in the beginning then my path to recovery would have been far quicker.

I hope that this information will assist you in getting back to being healthy again. If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to share something that helped you then please feel free to drop me a message.

Take care,