General Anxiety Disorder - Panic Attacks - Generalized Depression

3. Stop Negative Thinking

Catch the negative thought. (“im going to make a fool of myself”)

Stop it by refusing to allow it to make you feel bad. (“im not going to dwel on this as usual, this time im going to stop the feeling and change it”)

Replace it with a reinforced comment that will in future send you into the situation more positively.

(“I havent seen them in a long time, its a great opertunity to catch up. We always had great chats together.”)

Over time you will realise that your negative thoughts are merely lies, and the reality is that by not dewlling on these lies that the outcome of the situations will actually be positive. Its all about emersing yourself in the situations and letting the feelings go. There are one of two things that can happen here, either you learn to control your negative thoughts or they will learn to control you. I know it may be difficult at first and there is no quick easy solution, but if you put yourself in the situation in the first place, dont beat yourself up if it didnt work how you wanted it to. Always look for something good from the situation and give yourself credit for it. The fact that you attempted it in the first place is saying no to your negative thoughts, that you are not letting them control you anymore so give yourself a pat on the back.

Cognitive therapy is all about retraining your brain through repetition of these new methods, and eventually the old information in your brain that has tormented you over time will disappear and you will become a more effient at catching your negative thoughts. Eventually just like anything that you have learned through repetition (your A,B,C’s how to drive a car) it will become natural for you and you will no longer have to try and practice it, your brain will just know to do it for you.

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