General Anxiety Disorder - Panic Attacks - Generalized Depression

7. Can I Do Anything?

This is one of the main points that resolved a lot of problems for me personally.

Without even knowing it (because I had become a master of doing it) I would over analyze situations. I could be driving down the road while having many mini conversations in my head:


“I cant believe it, my sister said that she’s not going to look after my kids anymore that my kids are a handful. She’s full of crap, I looked after all of her kids when they were younger, and now that the shoe is on the other foot she doesn’t care about mine.”

This is an example of a situation I would analyze over and over again im my head in temper, depending on the situation it could go on for hours tormenting me. Over the course of the day this would increase my anxiety levels and leave me at a tipping point. I never realised it was such a problem until I learned about CBT. Below is a solution I had to apply to every situation to try to reverse my thought process, believe me it wasnt easy at first but it had an amazing result.

If I was in a situation where my mind was starting to race and I ask myself the following:

1. Can I do anything about it right now? If not then blank it out of my mind and not think about it at all. “Think of the Color Blue”

2. If so what can I do?

3. Take action and perform the solution.


Here is a real life example:

I had an argument with someone two days ago, but its really been annoying me that they haven’t contacted me. On my way home in the car I began to analyse the situation. Well it been two days now and they still haven’t apologised or even attempted to call even though they know they were wrong.

OK stop! Can I do anything about this now? Well I could call them but I’m driving so not a great idea, i could call when i get home or else not call at all. So no I cannot do anything about it now. Answer is “No”, so then park it for now and blank it out of your mind. Next put on some music or simply think of nothing. Eventually you will become a master at this and you wouldn’t believe how much stress this relieves. We are constantly and unnecessarily tormenting ourselves with crap that we don’t need to, give yourself a break…!!

Over time you will come to realise that having negative or stressful conversations in your head throughout the day will only fuel your stress and anxiety, this will build throughout the day bringing you to a tipping point. When this happens some people stay in a constant state of stress / depression and some people have anxiety attacks. When you become better at stopping this cycle you will feel so much calmer and relaxed. Which in turn will help ease and prevent anxiety attacks, depression and will make you feel a whole lot better.

This is only scratching the surface of CBT and I highly recommend it. If you think this may be of help you should engage with a specialist in your local area. Everyone can benefit from this type of life learning.

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