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3 Ways To Beat Anxiety

This is a very brief guide to get you started. There are many articles on our site but we’ve tried to condense a lot of key information down into three main points to get you started.

However we do recommend that you read the rest of the articles to gain more knowledge about anxiety.

There are three basic things that will get you back feeling good again:

  1. Exercise
  2. Nutrition
  3. CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • To start with you need to be getting some daily exercise, even if its only a twenty minute walk make it brisk to get your heart rate up. This is a critical step to burning off that excess adrenaline and release good feeling endorphin’s.
  • Cut out all stimulants (refined sugars, sweet drinks, tea, coffee, caffeine, chocolate etc..). These only top up your anxiety stores and leave you at a tipping point.
  • Eat mainly a natural food diet, if it comes in a packet and was processed then avoid. Aim for lots of Fruit and Veg and reduce your intake of meats temporarily. Click Here
  • Take all of the supplements mentioned on the supplements page or buy an Anxiety supplement like “Higher Energy – Balance For Nerves” that has a good combination of B Vits & Magnesium Citrate. Take it every day and don’t miss it. Click Here
  • Start some form of relaxation and fully commit yourself to it. Yoga, Meditation, Thai chi.
  • Have a look at our introduction to CBT. Click Here

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Good luck.

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